David Cannon

Managing Director
Cell: 0824910456
Email: davidc@airetronic.co.za

Daya Pillay

Service Director

Cell: 083 301 0781
Email: dayap@airetronic.co.za

Experience: Dave joined Airetronic Maintenance & Sales (Pty) Ltd in 1991 as Managing Director with 49% shareholding. Airetronic traded then as a pure air conditioning maintenance company.

In 1992 Dave acquired the full shareholding with the idea of expanding the business, with controlled growth the business was expanded into the sale of air conditioners – primarily to the domestic market. With further controlled growth and with more maintenance business being derived from commercial/industrial clients the business moved into the sale of commercial air conditioners.

Today Dave manages a fully fledged air conditioning contracting company capable of handling multi-million rand HVAC contracts. Recent expansion has been the introduction of hot water heat pumps and hot water ring mains , medical gas, and more recently fire protection installations.

With the historical origins of the company in the domestic sales and service market sector, Dave believes it remains of the utmost importance to the company to maintain this side of the business and will not allow it to be compromised for the bigger commercial/industrial sector. In fact it is as a result of the dedicated service rendered to many private individuals that we have then gone on to secure the air conditioning business from their places of employment.

On the commercial front it was imminent that we would grow into the building contracting market sector where air conditioners are installed during the construction of the building. With project management being key to the success of this market segment Daves origins in the civil contracting industry was of benefit and the company grew into larger and larger HVAC installations.

Experience: Daya has over 20 years of operational experience within the air conditioning industry. Daya prides himself on ensuring our work force offer a quality service that encourages a long term relationship with our clients .

Specialty: Daya Specializes in service, maintenance and repairs of clients airconditioners


Craig Speirs

Project Manager / Heat Pump Division Manager

Cell: 0824919637
Email: craigs@airetronic.co.za

Experience: Craig has been involved in domestic heat pumps for almost 3 years. His focus has been on the sales, installations, and maintenance of domestic heat pumps for 3 years

Specialty: Craig manages the heat pump division and works as a project manager on larger air conditioning installations


Farhad Hassim

Sales Consultant

Cell: 0827056773


Vinod Govender

Sales Director

Cell: 083 626 8434
Email: vinodg@airetronic.co.za

Experience: Farhad has been involved in sales for over 15 years with 10 of those 15 years being specialized in the air-conditioning sector, Farhad joined Airetronics in 2009.

Specialty:Farhad specializes in the sales of Unitary, Ducted and Multi V Units

Experience: Vinod has over 18 years of sales experience within the air conditioning industry. Vinod began his career with the sales off window /wall and split units and has progressed over the years to water cooled, chilled water and VRV systems. Vinod prides himself on giving the client the correct advice, quality products and value for money.

Specialty: Vinod Specializes in water cooled, chilled water and VRV systems